Novelty Cakes

From Minion cupcakes to guitar and rugby field cakes - your inspiration can be our creation!

Call us to chat about your dream cake and celebrate in style. All cakes are numbered in the slideshow - please take note of the numbers of your favourites!


Cake NC3 Cake NC5 Cake NC6 Cake NC7 Cake NC10 Cake NC11 Cake NC12 Cake NC13 Cake NC14 Cake NC15 Cake NC16 Cake NC17 Cake NC18 Cake NC19 Cake NC20 Cake NC22 Cake NC24 Cake NC25 Cake NC30 Cake NC31 Cake NC32 Cake NC35 Cake NC36 Cake NC38 Cake NC39 Cake NC40 Cake NC44 Cake NC45 Cake NC49 Cake NC51 Cake NC54 Cake NC56 Cake NC59 Cake NC61 Cake NC69 Cake NC73 Cake NC78 Cake NC79 Cake NC81 Batman Frozen (5) Minions photo 1 (1) Pirate Ship Superheroes cute boys cake Frozen (2) Frozen (4) HotWheels Minion (5) Minion Minnie Mouse (3) Minnie Mouse1 Monster (2) Monsters Inc My Little Pony