Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Want your wedding cake to be memorable?

Give me a call at Cake Away to chat about your dream wedding cake.

All cakes are numbered in the slideshow - please take note of the numbers of your favourites!


Cake WT9 Cake WT10 Cake WT11 Cake WT12 Cake WT13 Cake WT14 Cake WT15 Cake WT16 Cake WT17 Cake WT18 Cake WT19 Cake WT20 Cake WT21 Cake WT22 Cake WT23 Cake WT24 Cake WT25 Cake WT26 Cake WT27 Cake WT28 Cake WT29 Cake WT30 Cake WT31 Cake WT1 Cake WT2 Cake WT3 Cake WT4 Cake WT5 Cake WT6 Cake WT7 Cake WT8 Gold and White